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    Tired of boring, odd, and unpolished design games? Paying for apps that not excite and involve you in game process?
    Try out your war skills and make your own strategies in our brand new game PROTECTION FORCE.

    1 - Different AI levels that will give you an opportunity to throw call to yourself
    2 - Awesome unit balance and AI defense tricks
    3 - 15 ways to upgrade speed power health skills and game features
    4 - More than 14 types of units with different capabilities and weapon types
    5 - Increase your power during the game using upgrade menu.
    6 - High detailed units models
    7 - Unique game world
    8 - 2 super units that guarding on your tower protection
    9 - Amazing units animation
    10 - Cool in game music that can't leave you indifferent

    1 - Do not forget to use upgrade menu, because your enemy become stronger every second
    2 - Use mana levels button (top left corner) to increase your current level mana limit
    3 - "Armor" superunit does not make any damage on first few level upgrades, only pushes the enemies
    4 - "Triger" superunit can be killed on the fly so keep an eye on upgrade menu
    5 - Enemy is stronger but not smarter than you
    6 - Use carefully capabilities of yours superunits. They can but helpful, but not in all cases
    7 - Push your enemy but don't forget to collect mana

    You are the Earth defender in near future. The alien ship has crashed near your country border.
    Now you are responsible for the safety of your neighbors and keep your country borders free from invaders.
    So will you stick to your guns? The way you are following is not safe and simple, but it is full of glory and honor.
    How long can you be the best commander of your nation? Prove this in actions.

    Can be installed on SD card starting with Android 2.2

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