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    Published: 2014-02-11, by Janel.

    Burning leaps from wheel to wheel in a quest to share flaming love with the paper princess

    • Gorgeous cartoony graphics
    • Balanced game mechanic
    • Totally fun to burn down the castle time and again
    • Collecting every single flame each time gets a little repetitive

    "Burn baby burn"

    A fire's crush on a paper princess is doomed to go down in flames, but you can't help it: you're just a hunka hunka burnin' love. PINPIN TEAM's Pyro Jump is a sweetly singed jumping platformer in which you leap from wheel to wheel towards your ill-fated object of affection.

    The way to the Paper Princess is riddled with endlessly spinning wheels, perilous spikes, and obnoxious obstacles. And yet, your flaming heart burns for her such that you'll never stop leaping for love. Time your jumps just right to collect all the mini-flames along the way, and don't fall prey to the wheels of spikes. Quirky premise, works wonders.

    Absolutely great graphics - the fire sprite is continually fun to watch, even when the going gets tough. Collecting every single mini-flame in order to unlock the next stages is a little anal-retentive for me, but the general challenge is fun anyway. It's a perfect balance of skill and luck, risk and reward, plus you get to burn down a castle at the end of each level.

    There are 70 regular levels, 4 worlds, and 20 unlockable bonus levels.

    PINPIN TEAM's Pyro Jump is a top-notch casual platformer that you'll find yourself going back to again and again, if only to put a little spark in the Princess' heart.

    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Feb 11, 2014


    Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper in a hundred or so levels full of pitfalls

    4,5/5 : 148APPS
    9/10 :
    17/20 :

    Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess and is ready to try anything to convince her that this romantic idyll is not destined to go up in flames!

    In each level, collect all the flames and unlock bonus levels! Pyro Jump is a fiery platform that requires dexterity and precision. Complete the levels without any faults and, if you enjoy the challenges, try and win gold timers!


    •  Easy to learn and use and with increasing levels of difficulty
    •  70 levels spread over 4 worlds and 20 bonus levels to unlock!
    •  Fiery graphics! (HD graphics)
    •  An extended challenge with gold timers to unlock
    •  New levels coming soon
    •  Connection in Google Play (25 achievements)
    •  Compatible Android 2.2+


    148APPS: 4,5/5
    "All in all, Pyro Jump is an incredibly enjoyable and accessible platform game, with plenty of levels to continuously entertain for the long haul. The game is full of heaps of various new challenges, and has so much personality that it never gets old. Along with its lively soundtrack and vivid, characterful graphics, Pyro Jump is a solid platformer that has the potential to keep flourishing." 9/10
    "If you're looking for a game that puts your skill to the test, Pyro Jump is a great option." 17/20
    "It's fresh and fun, this should keep you busy a little while, the levels taking a few attempts before finding the right method to break records. We suggest the 70 levels are really good! "

    Cult of mac : 4/5
    "Pyro Jump Will Make You Want To Slap Its Adorable Face. It’s a cute, quick platformer that has plenty for casual players and obsessive types alike."

    Kotakgame: 80/100
    "Easy to play, cute graphics with fun music, this game is quite good" 4/5
    "Pyro Jump is a game platformer that is not too easy but also not too difficult to play. For those of you who are interested in a good platformer game, immediately download this game" 7,5/10
    "Pyro Jump is a great puzzle game. A game very simple to master, thanks to the immediately intuitive controls, but that requires precision and quick reflexes."

    Pocket Gamer UK: 7/10
    "A solidly crafted example of the genre... it leaves a pleasantly warm impression."

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