Qin Shi Huangdi Secret




    Qin Shi Huangdi is coming! You will experience young Qin Shi Huang how he faces the enemies and open up his own Qin emperor.

    The new battle system evolutes and experiences extremely fun , beautiful motions; New achievements system make you want to move up level again and again.

    (1) the middle of the left soft key: enter the game menu
    (2) the middle of the right soft key: Go to upgrade and purchase menu
    (3) the arrow keys or 2468 digital keys: up and down and move around
    (4) Other digital key functions:
        7 key: edible buns
        9 key: drinking glasses
        0 key: skip the story dialogue
        5 keys: ordinary batter, double-click or hold down the 5 key to continuous attacks by the enemy, ordinary combos with weapons upgrades and upgrade
        Emergency: sprint forward, right batter to fly in front of the enemy launched the assault strike Press 6 Press 4 or left the batter in Deus Ex
        Key: Baoyan attack all enemies within Baoyan attack screen
        3 keys: Warriors attack using the Musou attack, attack process can be left and right arrow keys to change direction

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