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    Published: 2012-05-03, by .

    Skyfall is a fantasy RPG

    • Character class (Rogue, Mage, Warrior) and appearance editing
    • Turn-based fighting
    • Team up other characters
    • Graphics are weird

    "The mistery of the Beams"

    Skyfall comes with all that a good RPG must contain. First off, character editing: you can choose among three classes, Rogue, Mage or Warrior. What's more, you can choose genre and edit his/her hair, skin and face type. Once done, you adventure starts.

    Skyfall is quest-based, what means that you'll have to fulfill different quests that pursuits a common goal: free the World of the evil, embodied now on spiders, now on dragons. On your wander, you'll have to make fighting parties, that's it, team up with friends and new allies. As you progress, you'll level up and boost your skills. What's more, you'll find some items that will help you to beat your enemies.

    Scenery is one of the strongest point of this game because of its originality: instead of showing the character moving around the stage (which would have required a high-end device with powerful graphics hardware), the character is static on the left side and you advance by unveiling squares of the map. When you find a new item/place or enemy just need to tap to enter/fight against it. Of course, these graphics are an interesting option to make the game playable in a wider range of devices, however, they aren't as attractive as 3D real-time graphics.

    Actually battles are turn-based: enemy is on the right side and your character or squad on the left side. From this menu you can select attacks and power-ups you want to use.

    Interesting storyline, fantasy, leveling up system, turn-based battles and magic items. Pure fantasy RPG on your Android. Recommendable.

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