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    R-TYPE's review

    Published: 2014-02-13, by Peter Warrior.

    Return of the best side scrolling shoot'em up arcade game.

    • The best kind of nostalgia
    • Absolute respect for the original
    • Maybe the best shoot'em-up ever
    • As challenging as the original

    "Destroy Bydo Empire once again!"

    Sometimes, when we are honored to review a classic game, a little fear always comes to mind: what if that game was exalted by our childish perception? Can a game worth 5$ at the time be replayed 25 years later?

    R-Type is considered the one of the best games ever. It's also common knowledge that it's at the same time one of the most fun and one of the most challenging games. Although we might talk about Gradius or any other mid-80s game legacy, nearly every shoot'em up released since then has to pay homage to R-Type in a way or another.

    This game has been brought back nearly as we left it. The same scroll, the same enemies, the same power-ups, the same chargeable bar to blast everything in front of you and the same 'force', that shield you can throw or use to protect your nose or your back. If you played R-Type then and you play it now, don't be surprised that you are still able to remember which enemies appear and when. Those memories were well saved somewhere in your mind, waiting for the moment they are needed back. The same tricks that worked at the time, work now: throw your shield to the first boss navel and leave it there to defeat it in a few seconds; dig yourself at the center of the screen with your shield in contact with the alien's eye to defeat the second boss; and don't forget to put your shield on your back when you turn over the prow of the huge starship you'll find at the end of the third stage...

    The effort needed to not alter the surgical gameplay and bring back the game means that just several innovations have been added. OpenFeint integration, adaptation of controls to suit on-screen playing, autofire and two difficulty settings. Graphics are from the 16bit version, music and effects are the same. It may not seem a big deal to youngsters used to play flashy 3D games, but don't worry. In this humble old school reviewer opinion R-Type was the best and we can play it again. It was the best then and it's the most fun now.

    If you want to be pitted against an alien horde, kill thousands of aliens piloting your spaceship in a battle against all odds, if you feel daring enough as to save humanity once more as if twenty-five years were nothing, if you still trust yourself as to engage the most challenging game ever. Because, answering the question from the first paragraph, yes indeed, there's a selected elite of games from our childhood that not only can be replayed now, but also deserve it. Five star rating, compulsory purchase.

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    宇宙の侵略者バイドとの戦いに、人類の最後の希望「R-9A ARROW HEAD」を操って勝利せよ!



    (C)2011 ported on Android by DotEmu SAS and distributed in Japan by Worker Bee Inc.


    ※This application “R-TYPE” is a special version for the Japanese market of the “R-TYPE” originally developed by “DotEmu”.
    Some specifications have been modified especially for the market.
    ※This application “R-TYPE” is being distributed under the proper license from the original developer “DotEmu”.




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