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    Retro Game Collection is a collection of five classic video games: Ping Pong, Snake, Meteors, Aliens, and Block Breaker. Retro Game Collection is a completely free game with NO ADS! Just download and enjoy the memories.

    Ping Pong:

    Play against a computer or with a friend! Control the paddle with your finger and try to score on your opponent.
    Includes four difficulty settings.


    Eat food and watch your snake grow! Try to get the highest score possible. Control the snake by tapping where you want it to go. Includes four difficulty settings.


    How long can you survive? Destroy the Meteors before they crash into your space ship and try to get the highest score possible.


    Destroy wave after wave of Alien Invaders before they destroy you! Try to get the highest score possible.

    Block Breaker:

    Bounce a ball off of a paddle and break as many blocks as you can. Don't miss the ball with your paddle!

    Why download one game when you can download Retro Game Collection and get five amazing games in one!

    Download Retro Game Collection now and let the nostalgia begin.

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