Robo Ki

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    Robo Ki is a 3d survival shooter/fighter for Android Devices.
    Robo Ki is our main character, a large yellow robot, who is forced into combat with
    an invading alien robot army! Your mission is to defend Robo Ki at all costs and to
    free the MoeBuKai from their evil oppressors!!!


    A lonely star cluster on the outer rim of the universe... hospitable planets
    are rare... and life... the rarest of all things. The planet Tinfarr: the MoeBuKai
    homeworld and its moon Mon Mar Vee. On Tinfarr's surface, Professor Noz
    and a party of MoeBuKai bid farewell to a group of robots designed to explore
    the far reaches of their galaxy and to colonize new worlds. Years pass with
    little or no contact from the robot explorers. Professor Noz searches the
    heavens in vain. Life continues. Progress is made with the help of new
    robots, like Robo Ki, built to help the MoeBuKai community with their daily
    chores. On a bright, seemingly uneventful, day a familiar shape descends
    from the sky. Within seconds, THE MOEBUKAI ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!
    The robot explorers have returned AS CONQUERERS!... their programming
    ALTERED!!... RE-ROUTED FOR DESTRUCTION!!! Robo Ki returns to Professor
    Noz's home and finds it empty. The Professor has been captured by the
    invading army! Robo Ki prepares for battle! He must protect his people...
    the MoeBuKai... from the clutches of evil!


    -Control Robo Ki with a virtual joystick, two attack buttons (each with one and two
    tap capabilities) and a jump button. collect super bomb pickups and a button
    will appear for you to use at your discretion.

    -Beautiful environments and appealing characters

    -Six different weapons: (1) a super bomb which destroys all enemies within a certain
    radius. (2-6) there are 5 different weapons that fire from Robo Ki's chest: missiles,
    energy orbs, laser blasts, electricity bolts and a flame thrower!!!

    -The enemies come in 3 different sizes: the small and tenacious minions, the medium
    sized captains and large bosses with weapons of their own! Destroy these guys to free
    the MoeBuKai.

    -Life pickups and Weapons pickups abound to keep you on the move and on the trail
    for enemy robots!

    - Phenominal Artwork by Mike Spring!

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