Rocket Dream - Tablet Edition

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    Charismatix Mobile Games presents:
    Rocket Race Dream - Tablet Edition

    Supported resolutions: 1024x600 up to 1280x800 and higher!
    Required: Android OS 2.0 or higher

    Rocket Dream is maybe the one and only shoot'em up game for pacifist people.
    You can catch different types of weapons to destroy the asteroids in your way.
    But be careful. Don't shoot other space-pilots, or you will be immediately punished !

    On your journey through the galaxy you get into serious troubles as suddenly a great comet storm raises.
    Hit by a meteoroid your ship was drifted away and now you are flying dramatically off course.
    Furthermore your fuel is running out and stranded spaceships are blocking your way!
    Now it is time to face the threat and show that you are the best navigator of the space.
    Activate your weapon system and blast away all obstacles and bring yourself and your crew out of danger.
    But once you think you have made it, a new lot of even more dangerous comets appear...
    Show that you are the best space-pilot and compete with other star-fighters.
    Fly to the highest score and place your name on the top!