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    In 1947 an Alien craft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. During the process some Aliens were captured. Rescue your colleagues and satisfy the curiosity of fellow Alien Engineers by collecting Blueprints for a Prototype Tank ...

    But don't forget the Vehicle Permissions first !

    Remember : An Amulate is the way forward !

    Aim of the Game :

    Over Three Missions, you must collect various objects, rescue your fellow Colleagues and escape the captives.

    You'll be under attack by various enemy Aircraft, Stealth Bombers and Tower Guns. Watch out ! Their Gun Fire will home-in on you !

    Mission One :

    Collect Supplies and 5x Vehicle Permissions. In order to complete Mission One, you must collect a 'Shed Key' to gain access to the Prototype.

    Mission Two :

    Use Prototype to rescue 10x Colleagues and meet with Scout Ship.

    Mission Three :

    Obtain 6x Blueprints and meet with Mothership.

    Each Mission requires you to collect an 'Amulate' in order to proceed.

    The 'MENU' is fairly straight forward to use and understand with 'START', 'CREDITS', 'ERASE', 'MUSIC' and 'SOUND'.

    'START' - Simply 'Select' a desired unlocked level.
    'CREDITS' - Where everyone has their name in lights and is credited. ( TAP Credits Box to unselect )
    'MUSIC' - Can be turned 'OFF' and 'ON'.
    'SOUND' - Can be turned 'OFF' and 'ON'.
    'OPTIONS' - 'Music' and 'Sound Effects' can be turned 'OFF' and 'On'.
    'ERASE' will 'Lock' all levels, apart from Level 1 and clear the 'High Score'.

    Use 'BACK' Button on your Android device to 'QUIT' to the 'TITLE' Screen or exit the game.

    Controls :

    Simply touch the screen buttons 'LEFT' to move left and 'RIGHT' to move right and 'GREEN' to move forward with 'RED' to fire.

    Features :

    - Three Levels of Shoot'em up arcade action
    - Three bonus mini-games
    - Auto Loading and Saving of 'High Scores' and 'Levels'
    - Original Music and Sound Effects by Chris 'Infamous' Bailey

    Game Tips :

    Search each level using a zig-zag motion to become familar with the surroundings and use 'ENERGY' packages where possible.

    Enjoy and have fun !

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    Clayton Hall

    by Clayton Hall

    Aug 20, 2013  |  "Great"

    Fun simple game to play and kill time with I enjoyed it.

    Niamh Commins

    by Niamh Commins

    Jun 16, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    Best game