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    Published: 2014-04-03, by Manu Galvez.

    Sacred Guns is a lysergic shooter with biblical gestures

    • 3D graphics with stunning effects
    • Intuitive controls
    • Insanely original plot
    • Upgrade system
    • We didn't find any, did you?

    "Noah's Ark: Right of Admission Reserved"

    Sacred Guns is a cocktail of dementia, hilariousness and parody. It leaves no one indifferent. I'm pretty sure that Sacred Guns can be considered the best representative of the Internet troll-movement which is living its golden age nowadays.

    First off, insane plot. When God assigned Noah to construct the Ark to keep him and the animals safe from harm, there was small print: unwanted creations must be out of the Ark, leave them to Darwin's law. Well, since God is, obviously, a creationist, he sent the Archangel Mark Leung (developer's sign) to accelerate the extinction process of the sinner species.

    In Sacred Guns, you take control of the Archangel and enroll yourself in such a divine crusade. Avoid any unwanted creature reaching the Ark by wielding up to 5 angelic weapons: flame sword, golden guns, firewall gloves, rapid buster, and laser. What will cause smile will be specially how those forsaken creatures look like: sort of teletubbies, angry birds, hacked Winnie-the-pooh and lot of other well-known meme characters.

    Sacred Guns is set in well-crafted 3D graphics with stunning effects. It runs smoothly even on medium-end devices. Controls are intuitive: thumb 1 aims, thumb 2 fires, tap weapon to switch. There's a complete upgrade-system to guarantee loads of fun.

    If you have a dose of insanity, don't even doubt to try this out. Highly recommended.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Apr 03, 2014


    Sacred Guns is FREE for the month of March!
    "A wonderfully psychotic shooter that you don’t want to miss." -The Awesome Cave
    "Sacred Guns is a cocktail of dementia, hilariousness and parody." -AppsZoom

    When God decided to send a Great Flood to wipe sin from Earth, he assigned Noah to construct the Ark to keep him and the animals safe from harm... and YOU, the Archangel Mark Leung, to keep His unwanted creations out of the Ark.

    Wield up to 5 angelic weapons and keep Noah's Ark clean from those filthy, forsaken creatures--those that are too depraved, too ugly or too sickeningly cheerful to be saved. May your guns blaze righteously. Amen!

    Watch up to 12 full-voiced, hand-drawn cutscenes, complete with a secret ending!

    Controls: Thumb 1 AIMS, Thumb 2 FIRES. Tap weapon to switch.

    Upgrade yourself and your weapons between battles: Health, Power, Firing Rate, Mana Cost.

    Tactical fun: Manage your mana wisely with 5 deadly weapons. Some even charge automatically for even more powerful shots!

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