After getting tricked by an evil elf into thinking Halloween is Christmas, Santa finds himself in the midst of a blood bath. Forced to fight for his life, the once jolly old fellow looks more like a convict straight out of the federal penitentiary. Armed with a wooden baseball bat, and later a war ax and a lightsaber, Santa smashes his assailants to pieces.

    The cast of characters of a diverse lineup of ghosts, goblins, zombies, vampires, monsters and angels. It includes a punk rock zombie with a spike mo-hawk, a back-woods redneck monster with a mullet, a vampire angel of death straight out of hell, and a ghastly creature with a spider body and a man's head.

    The controls consist of four buttons- smash left, smash right, duck, and jump. The directions are simple... smash the zombie and monster, duck under the vampire angel, and jump on the weird spider-man. Although it sounds easy, as the speed increases one must make quick decisions in order to keep Santa alive... and the hopes of all children this holiday season.

    All graphics were created with the 3d rendering program Art of Illusion. The base human figures were created in the 3d program Makehuman. NYHC beats by DHC. All rights reserved by StudyHall Entertainment. Enjoy the 3 dimensional graphics, New Santa game, Christmas game, Holiday season, and hardcore Santa Claus.

    Merry Christmas to all. Help Santa defeat the walking dead in this true blood y nightmare before Christmas! New game for Christmas 2012. Just added the Star Wars style Lightsaber. This game is rated High Maturity due to the brutal way in which the Ho Ho Ho talking Santa delivers beat-downs to his naughty attackers.

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