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    NEW in Savior of Tribes World 2

    ● HD Version, nice & clean UI, Smooth gaming experience.
    ● Redesigned Game Help, New Game Tutorial, Simple, Easy to learn.
    ● More advanced Guides, Help you easy to master.
    ● More secrets hidden in five Tribe Shrine and Endless Ages.
    ● Global Ranking: Build your biggest Tribe. Contest with players all over the world!
    ● FaceBook Share: Share your Tribes screenshots to FaceBook. Easy to showcase your achievements.

    25 Exciting Levels, 12 Creative Buildings, 16 Trophies for you to collect, Incredible gameplay, Fantastic storyline, Travel to the Tribes World! You will be the Savior of Tribes World!

    Playing the game(Tribal Savior) on Metro. Suddenly fall into the Tribes World. Wake up as the Tribal Savior! You need to rule the primitive tribe, bring them the civilization, Free them from the oppressive domination of Barbarian, and find the way to home.

    ● Use objects in refreshing board to build your Tribes World:
    Click on an open square to plant the grass you are holding.

    ● Connect 3 objects to create a more valuable objects:
    Connect 3 Seeds to create saplings.
    Connect 3 saplings to create Woods.
    Connect 3 Woods to create Shacks. And so on.

    ● Bombs:
    Bombs can destroy most of the buildings, including Barbarians and rock. Note: Cann't use bombs in the open square.

    ● Magic Wand:
    Magic Wand can replace any objects in connecting. Watch out though. If it doesn't make a match it will turn into an ordinary rock.

    ● Wasteland:
    Connect 4 Saplings to create Woods on Wasteland.

    ● Pool:
    Connect 5 Woods together to create Shacks on Pool.

    ● Golden Treasure Chest:
    Bomb the golden rock to get Golden Treasure Chest.

    ● Barbarians:
    They move around and prevent you from building where you want.

    ● Barbarians Treasure Chest:
    Trap Barbarians and they turns into Barbarian woody prisons. Trap many Barbarians to create Barbarians stone prison, Barbarians Farm, Barbarians Treasure Chest.

    ● Honor:
    Honor value can buy some useful objects in shop. And use it when you are in danger.

    ● Storage:
    Store props such as Magic Wand to Storage. And use it in High quality connecting.

    ● Extra honor bonus:
    Match advanced objects by minimum steps to earn extra bonus.

    Go and have a challenge!

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