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    Scare your friends and RECORD the evidence using your device’s front camera (if available).
    “Share the Scare” on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail to show all your buddies how much of a wimp they are.

    If you don’t have a front camera, you can still use this app to prank your mates.

    This is the free version of Scare App, which only allows you to record one video per day. Upgrade to the PRO version to get unlimited scare records and the ability to select your own image to scare with.

    WARNING: Don’t use this app to prank someone with heart or other health conditions that may be affected by a fright. The developer of this app takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage caused to your phone (or friends!) from the use of this app.

    To use this app simply select one of the “Scare options” and hand the device to your victim telling them how “amazing” the app is and they should have a go.

    FACE ANALYSIS– Make your friends think the app is analysing their facial features (make something up like it will tell you how hot you are, or guess your age)...then after a few seconds..BOO!

    RETINAL SCANNER - Make your friends think the app is an amazing, fully functional retinal scanner...then after a few seconds..BOO!

    REFLEX GAME – Make your friends think they’re playing a fun reflex game, trying to beat your score. After a couple of turns...BOO! (use this option if you don’t have a front facing camera)

    MAGIC EYE – Tell your friend this magic eye picture is cool…pass it to them then ….BOO! (use this option if you don’t have a front facing camera)

    Scare App is fully configurable, allowing you to select
    - The image to scare with (extra “Downloadable” images also available)
    - Or your own image as a scare image (PRO ONLY!)
    - The sound to scare with (extra “Downloadable” images also available)
    - The quality and settings to record the video with (may require some playing around with to get the recording working successfully. See the tips below)
    - The number of seconds before the scare appears, or the number of turns of the game before the scare.

    This prank app currently comes packaged with
    - 5 scary images (+ more available for download) - including a zombie, skeleton, spider, vampire and more
    - 5 scary sounds (+ more available for download) -including female screams, male screams and monster roars

    Corrupt Video – If your video has green bits and/or looks terrible, try lowering the video resolution

    I keep getting a video record error– Try turning off Custom record settings. This will use your device settings (but may limit it to basic quality settings)

    Video is upside down – try changing the recorded video rotation to 180degrees. (Note this can be quite buggy, some devices have badly configured cameras, and unfortunately the rotation can be quite random)

    How do I Share to Facebook/Twitter – You must have the android official Facebook app or a good Twitter client app installed. Then on the video playing screen click the “Share Scare” button and you should see Facebook/Twitter as a share option.

    Nothing dodgy going on here...these are the honest and real reasons to why the following permissions are required...
    INTERNET - for downloading recording settings, more scare images and sounds (coming soon) and Ads
    ACCESS NETWORK STATE - checking if connection to the INTERNET (for above reasons) is available (makes things quicker if the app knows it can’t connect).
    READ_PHONE_STATE - used for looking up what settings to use for recording, and for Flurry Analytics
    CAMERA / RECORD_VIDEO / RECORD_AUDIO - for recording the scare video of course :)
    VIBRATE - to vibrate the phone during the scare.
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to store the recorded Videos and scare images and sounds.
    WAKE_LOCK- used to make sure the screen doesn’t go off before the scare is shown
    CHECK_LICENSE - for checking that you have a valid copy of this prank Scare pirating thank you :)

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