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    Published: 2013-11-11, by .

    Avoid the ghouls, eat the sandwiches, and free Shaggy from imprisonment

    • It's Scooby and Shaggy
    • Terribly awkward controls
    • Fighting ghouls isn't fun at all
    • Level design is boring
    • Menu design is ugly

    "Where's Velma?"

    I'm as big as fan of the Scooby-Doo franchise as anyone, including and especially Velma. Sadly, she doesn't make an appearance in this decidedly sub-par cartoony save-Shaggy game. GlobalFun Games' ScoobyDoo: Saving Shaggy FREE! just isn't much fun to play.

    Move Scooby around the tomb, which involves manipulating an extremely inaccurate and awkward onscreen joystick to climb ladders. Eat sandwiches for bonus points that don't amount to anything, or attack baddies by tapping the screen. Sometimes they'll release a key, which means Shaggy can get out, and you'll pass to the next level (which will look shockingly like the first).

    The graphics are only interesting in that it's Scooby, and he's kind of great. The rest of the game design is probably meant to be retro, but comes off looking merely chintzy. There's hardly any sound, no music whatsoever, and the controls make the gameplay much more frustrating than rewarding.

    I was expecting a fun, goofy experience with GlobalFun Games' ScoobyDoo: Saving Shaggy FREE!, akin to binging on Saturday morning cartoons, but was definitely disappointed.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Nov 11, 2013


    Yikes! Shaggy is imprisoned in an eerie tomb.
    Make your way through the three different worlds and collect all the yummi
    Scooby snacks in each level for a big bonus.
    Be on the look out for cool power-ups to ease your journey.
    Overcome the scary ghouls lurking in the darkness as you search for the key to
    unlock your trusted friend Shaggy.

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