Sea Battle




    A application is a shooter.
    In your arsenal is torpedoes and mines , your enemy is a submarine fleet .
    With each level you gain experience and increase your rank , it is possible to increase the power of weapons and armor , but your enemy is also becoming smarter and it is not so easy to press against the wall .
    In later levels the game is more like a meat grinder ) )
    If you want to kill time without straining their brains, then this is for you !
    By default, the management of the gravity- sensor settings can be switched to the joystick.
    Hold down the run mines - increases its power.
    Available power torpedoes and armor depends on your rank.
    Every five levels you have to fight with boss.
    It is possible to set up a more convenient size, submarines, ships, and control buttons.
    Drown them until they drowned you!

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