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    Sensory exchange is a game in a vibrant world where everything plays music and everything flow. Here's the catch, things can only be seen and heard through a sonar type system. Waves of energy will constantly be flowing out from you, and while things are charged, they will play music and be visible, but things constantly lose their energy. Enemies will stay active without energy, but will still lose visibility.

    This game is trippy and beautiful. Built for virtual reality with the oculus rift, the game was meant to immerse you in a different world with sights and sound unique from our own. Now the world is in your hand, but when the rift comes, you will be in it.

    The game controls like a typical platformer, if you have a controller. If you do not have a controller, touching the left side of the screen will create a virtual stick for moving where touched, and touching the right side of the screen will make a stick for moving the camera. There is also a jump button in the bottom right corner and a pause buttton in the bottom center.

    The goal is simple, gather all 14 points from two lands, but remember: the fun is in the journey, put on a good pair of headphones, jump through a portal and relax. There are no deaths and no lives, falling it getting hit just re spawns you at the beginning.

    Push your phone to the limit with the help of this game. Do not let the simple nature of the game fool you, it is very intensive on smartphones. I built this on a tegra 3 powered HTC one X, and it still lags in world two. This will push your phone to the limit and show you just how powerful your phone really is. Although it runs on nearly all PCs, even with alot more detail, this is more than the average smartphone can take.

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