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    Published: 2012-05-23, by Manu Galvez.

    Shaolin Jump is a vertical canabalt-like game shaolin-themed

    • Addictive
    • Challenging
    • Great timewaster
    • Graphics
    • Needs more game modes

    "Ancient World of Shaolin"

    Gameplay: tap the screen to jump from one side of the wall to the other side while avoiding be reached by animals and obstacles on your way.

    You embody a Shaolin Monk who's trying to become a Master Shaolin by battling against the 4 elements of nature: Water, Wind, Fire & Earth. Although gameplay is always the same, you'll need to find the elements relics on your way (you already own Water relic, so you will have to find the three others). What's more, if you collect 6 scrolls to power-up. Take into account that power-up will help you to get further since thanks to them you increase your speed or become immune to enemies and obstacles for a while. There are up to 6 power-ups: Running shoes, Arcane Wave, Shaolin Shield... plus many other super powers.

    Shaolin Jump is set in cute and simple graphics. Not really stunning, although it doesn't matter in this kind of timewasters. What really matters is screentouch response for accurate character reaction when tapping, and it works as expected.

    In a few words, addictive timewaster. Recommendable.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    May 23, 2012


    Prepare to enter the ancient world of Shaolin! You have been chosen for the ultimate test in strength, speed, agility and endurance. Succeed and you will become the ultimate Shaolin Monk.

    With the revolutionary Pocket Arena, you can now play your favorite Shaolin Jump competing against your friends!

    Play as a young Monk as he battles against the 4 elements of nature: Water, Wind, Fire & Earth. Players must swiftly guide their character through visually stunning worlds to rise past dangers and unlock the hidden secrets of the Shaolin. Acquiring super powers, such as Arcane Wave, Phoenix Wings and Shaolin Shield will help defeat enemies that may stand in your path, from giant chameleons to creeping spiders to frenzied birds. Players can compare their scores with friends on the Game Centre, where only the strong, smart and swift top the leaderboard.

    Visually stunning and Rich in content game.
    Urgency driven gameplay in 4 staggering zones:
    Engaging casual gameplay, with one touch control.
    Over 6 acquirable primary powers such as the Running Shoes, Arcane Wave, Shaolin Shield and more.
    Over 6 Shaolin Super Powers such as the Guardian, Phoenix Wings, Nirvana and more, unlock as the mysterious Dragon scrolls are achieved.
    New & Intuitive, dynamic level design system giving you fresh gameplay experience in every single play session.
    Enjoy original Shaolin music scores.
    Face, evade and eliminate eerie enemies and obstacles such as the Giant Chameleons, Creeping Spiders, Hungry Alligator, Frenzied Birds, Bombarding Projectiles and many more!
    Competitive High score system to challenge and exceed oneself!
    Completely engaging and highly addictive gameplay with an endless re-play value.
    Intense, action packed, fun filled game that pushes one’s focus, precision and reflexes to the limits.

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