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    Shiftyx's review

    Published: 2012-11-20, by .

    Rearrange the blocks and clear them all

    • Original controls and gameplay
    • Entertaining enough
    • graphics are not perfect

    "Shifting like crazy"

    Welcome to Shiftyx, a block puzzle game where the objective is to align three or more colored blocks in order to clear them, trying to advance through the levels after 25 blocks are cleared and taking into account that you can't match blocks across the gray line.

    The gameplay is interesting, you need to flick your fingers in order to match the blocks in several ways: horizontal shift, where you can shift the whole pile of blocks, the Color shift, where you shift the colors up or down and finally the Column shift, where you use two fingers and you can move all the columns up or down.

    Monument Games, Inc is the developer of this original puzzle game with actual different controls, which you'll need some time to get used to and get the hang of the game. Graphics are not really especial and we would appreciate a make-over but it also works well enough not to need one.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Nov 20, 2012


    Shiftyx is a falling block puzzle game, in the same genre as games like Tetris, Meteos and Bejeweled, where your goal is to align 3 or more of the same color blocks by shifting the game board in a variety of ways. Shiftyx supports multiple board dimensions for a variety of difficulty levels, and boasts online functionality including leaderboards and achievements so you can compete for high scores with your friends, and other Shiftyx players.

    Make sure to take a minute to set up your OpenFeint account when you first run the game to ensure your scores are added to the leaderboards! You may also access your OpenFeint account from the Dashboard button on the main menu and on the in-game pause screen.


    Shiftyx is a falling block puzzle game where your goal is to align 3 or more of the same color blocks. As long as the blocks are all connected, the orientation of the blocks does not matter. Once matched, the blocks will clear and blocks in the same column will move to fill any spaces.

    You cannot match blocks across the center gray line.

    Every 25 blocks cleared represents a new level, which will increase both the speed and frequency at which blocks drop



    You can shift the whole pile of blocks left or right by touching the screen and moving your finger in the direction you want the pile to move.


    By using a single finger to flick up or down on the screen, you can shift the colors up or down within the columns. The top color will move to the bottom of the column and the bottom color will move to the top of the column in a up or down shift, respectfully


    By using two fingers to flick up or down on the screen, you can shift all columns up or down. A column will only be shifted up or down if the move will not create a gap between the center line and the blocks


    * The higher the level, the more clearing blocks is worth. Start on the highest level at which you feel comfortable

    * The more blocks you clear in a single move, the more points you will get. eg. Clearing 6 blocks in one move is worth more than 3 blocks in 2 moves each. Plan ahead

    * Creating combos, where a clear results in blocks falling into another clear are worth more points. Keep an eye out for combo possibilities

    *Powered by OpenFeint*

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