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    Silent Submarine Career's review

    Published: 2013-08-02, by Peter Warrior.

    Torpedo enemy ships to sink them

    • Fun, free
    • Catchy gameplay
    • Awesome sea design
    • It needs more options

    "Sink, sank, sunk!"

    Silent Submarine would come to be a duck hunt game with submarines and ships instead of ducks. In front your stealthy undersea hunter submarine will file all kind of freighters, destroyers and even supertankers so you can torpedo and sink them at your whim. Occasionally you'll have to immerse to protect yourself and charge batteries.

    It's a fun game, both in survival and career mode. It's far from what we could call a submarine simulator, because it's a rough arcade that sometimes reminds of a time-managing game because of the timing and reloading times. In the making of this review, forceclose issues were detected, mainly when too many inputs were introduced at once (said otherwise, when you crazily tap on the screen)

    In short, a good and entertaining game. It might be boring for hardcore and tactical gamers, because in the end it's a casual game about sinking ships.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 02, 2013


    Down Periscope! Surfacing! We're going to submarine attack the enemy convoy!

    Silent Submarine: Convoy hunter is a naval arcade game where you need to control a submarine and sink enemy ships of the convoy. Your boat is the last defender of the coast. Perform assigned tasks and earn experience points. Your glorious career in sea fights will be rewarded with new ranks and general respect.


    1. Single missions
    2. Career game mode
    3. 12 naval ranks in career mode
    4. Missions medals
    5. 5 prestige rank levels
    6. Highscores for a single missions
    7. 10 different types of battleships
    8. 4 types of wrecks (obstacles while torpedo shooting)
    9. 3 types of weather
    10. Quick tips in the game
    11. Ability to enable or disable the animation and music in the game (for weak devices)
    12. Intelligent performance monitoring system (under the heavy CPU usage the device will automatically turn off some animation)


    1. For a limited time you need to get the required number of points!
    2. To launch torpedoes you need to be on the surface and click on the screen wherever you want direct it.
    3. The larger the ship, the more you need to spend a torpedo to its destruction.
    4. Damaged warships begin to shoot. click on the submarine to dive and you will be saved.
    5. Monitor the boat health-level otherwise you can die prematurely.
    6. Keep the number of torpedoes. reloading torpedoes takes some time.
    7. The larger the ship, the more points you get for destroying it.
    8. Once you earn the required points in the mission,\nthe remaining bonus points are multiplied by two!

    Good luck to you in sea battle!

    Advantages of the paid version:
    - no advertising
    - enabled career mode, you can earn experience points and gets the marine ranks from recruit to admiral!

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