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    Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug!'s review

    Published: 2013-10-23, by Janel.

    Surreal city side-scroller with the heavy dose of the retro

    • Retro aesthetic
    • Sidescroller nostalgia
    • Surreal flavor
    • Mushy, unresponsive controls

    "Honey, where do we keep the insecticide?"

    I envision game testers as the inverse of game reviewers. They must exist in a negative world, one where for every Janel there is a dark Lenaj, sitting in a derelict basement and mashing buttons. Lord Puggington Games brings said cave-dwellers into the spotlight with Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug!

    Play as Reggie the QA tester, running amok through his urban center. After testing a particularly engrossing VR setup, you're informed that several of the bugs in the software have managed to flee their e-cage and infest the world at large. At first, all's quiet on the western front - until fake money begins to rain in sheets from the sky, and cats emerge in droves from the cracks in the sidewalk.

    The game design and objectives are based steadfastly in retro tradition; at any one time, you have the option to either Run or Jump by tapping on-screen buttons. No fancy gadgets or gear here, no upgrades and no midway checkpoints. Prepare yourself - this game is also old-school difficult and unforgiving, booting you back to the beginning of the level if you so much as skim one of those spiraling fireballs of death that the friendly sun spits your way.

    The bizarro flavor and pixel-chiptune aesthetic are nearly enough on their own. However, the app suffers greatly from mushy controls. Those old NES games has razor-sharp response to your joystick commands; Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug has Reggie occasionally totally ignoring your pleading with him to run-and-jump.

    The concept is great, though, and the game is good for at least a couple rounds for anyone with a geekoid sense of humor.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 23, 2013


    After some new prototype tech goes screwy and causes bugs to escape into the world only one man can save the day.

    That man is a Reggie! An average, couch potato QA Tester with no talents what so ever!

    Help our new saviour venture to and from work while the world around he slowly glitches out and breaks. Overcome obstacles such as killer cars, lava floors and men in bodysuits! Tackle the horrors of the daily commute but with more fire and serial killers.

    Don't think that this is a fun, cute adventure though, the world wants you dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!

    Still think you're up to the challenge and can help save the day?


    Then grab Sir! I'd Like To Report a Bug! today for free and get to bustin' those bugs!


    "The addictive gameplay, fantastic retro style, and crazy storyline make Sir! I’d Like To Report a Bug a must play game for all fans of challenging platformers." – Super Game Droid

    "This game isn't meant to be casual, it's a humorous experience for gamers nostalgic for the pain and punishment of yesteryear . . " – Android Police

    "You’ll find beautiful pixel art, chip tune soundtrack, and even in- game challenges that remind you of the pains of playing games back in the old days." – Android Shock

    "The game itself is quite remarkable. It has various forms of 2D art, a killer soundtrack, a very challenging difficulty level, and plenty more aspects that are sure to keep you glued to your device." - Droid Life


    * Classic hard-as-nails 2D platformer gameplay for mobiles
    * Seriously, this game is hard. It will make you rage.
    * Very shiny pixel art, look at how beautiful it is!
    * A raving, chiptune inspired soundtrack. Turn that volume up!
    * Controls for mobile - on screen buttons or no buttons? We have both!
    * Each level is unique thanks to the army of bugs blowing up the world!
    * Jam packed with humour and references
    * Challenge mode for those that fancy more fun for free
    * The only game to ever feature flying old people, bouncing buildings and a level based on Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"
    * Like what you played? Donate to use and help us create more content for everyone to enjoy!

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