Ski Fighter




    Navigate the treacherous ski game. Jumping, shooting, skiing, dodging your way to survival. Ski against the enemy. Complete the ski course with the most points. This skiing game is a challenge to your coordination, quickness and dexterity.

    Collect coins, weapons, and keep a good shooting accuracy to increase your final score.

    Tilt your device up and down to move your ski spy up, down and jump.

    Use the right side of the screen to aim and fire your weapon. Use various weapon types to suit your liking

    D - Single Shot Rifle: Produces a single shot for each screen touch. Fast moving projectile. Infinite shots.
    R - Automatic Rifle: Continuous stream of quick moving projectiles. 200 shots.
    G - Grenade Launcher: Also know as the "Thumper". lob grenades for a large fun blast radius. 50 shots.
    F - Freeze Gun: Fire ice balls that freeze the enemy in place. Hit them again to shatter them. 150 shots.

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