SkullForce Betrayal

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    SkullForce is a Third Person Shooter (TPS) Game with fantastic Graphics/ Sound Effects.

    In the year 2210 SkullForce is one of the best Special Forces and they are trained to perform high-risk and dangerous missions. Your team is betrayed and now enemy soldiers have invaded the SkullForce headquarters and they reprogrammed the SkullForce Fighting Robots… so be aware! “they will attack you”.

    You are one of the last Skull Force Soldiers who did survived the brutal attack and you must kill all the enemies to rescue the Skull Force head quarters. Good Luck!

    SkullForce is one of the best TPS games on the Android Market with beautiful light and shadow effects, beautiful graphics and fantastic 3D sound effects, collectibles, fast gameplay… Best optimized for Tablets.

    You will have many hours of gameplay with SkullForce!

    How to Play SkullForce Betrayal?

    The left button is for movement: (Left/Right/Forward/Backward)
    The small Right Button is for Reload the Gun
    The bigger Right Button is for Shooting the Gun (you get 30 Bullets per clip)
    The Right side of the screen you can use to look around in the game and use it when you walk to look left or right.
    The button in de middle is the Pause button, when you click it the game will paused and you see a new button, that is the Main Menu button. To go back to the game just click again on the Pause button.

    You have to find and kill all the enemies before you can go to the next level!

    Try to find the "Blinking SkullForce Logo" that will give you extra Health... You need this to complete the levels!

    NOTE: Now with extra levels and faster GamePlay... Soon also a FPS (First Person Shooter) version. Check out our NEW Video Link!

    For more info visit our SkullForce website...

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