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    Snake - Free Growing Worm Game

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    Enjoy the classic Snake gameplay from brick phones of yore.

    Choose the speed and amount of food there is for the snake and make the snake grow as big as you can.

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    Now that's just the 177 character description of the app. But Google Play gives me about 4000 characters to describe the game, so let me describe it to you, and maybe tell you a little story.

    I've always loved technology and video games. It started with the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. I finally messed around with a computer at the age of 7, it ran Windows 3.1. I used to play Chip's Challenge a lot. Then came my first Game Boy. My father brought it home because a customer had left it behind at his job, and never went back for it. It came with Tetris. Tetris was amazing, and it consumed a lot of my time. This hooked me on mobile games, which I could take anywhere, and didn't need to use the only TV in the house. Eventually I played Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy and I was hooked for life. Then my Uncle gave me his Sega Game Gear, which blew my mind. I really wanted a Sega Genesis and being able to play Sonic on a hand held was amazing. Of course I had to sit next to a wall outlet with the Game Gear plugged in, since it killed all AA batteries it came in contact with. With the Game Gear I felt I had witnessed the pinnacle of mobile gaming. But I was wrong...

    The height of my mobile gaming came when I was about 10 years old. An older kid from church had just gotten his first cell phone. I don't remember the model, but I do remember the Nokia logo above the phones screen. And he was playing a game. That game was Snake. Yes, Snake! Snake! The greatest mobile game ever made. He would let me borrow his phone once in a while, and I would always try to beat his score. It was fast, addicting, and heartbreaking, when your super long snake crashed into the wall.

    So I decided to make a clone of Snake for Android and iOS. And I made it colorful, and it plays pretty well on my phone. I hope it plays well on yours. It's a stripped down version, and I'm not happy with it, because it's not as great as the original. And I added ads, sorry... (I might remove them later). So I decided to release what I had to the world. So maybe somebody else can enjoy this gameplay. And if possible, go play it on an old Nokia phone.

    And although I've played plenty of great mobile phone games, Angry Birds, Fieldrunners and Tiny Wings are some of my favorites. But I still haven't found one like Snake.

    If you read that wall of text, I thank you. And play the game, rate it, send me an email and I'll send you an ad less version with a bigger play area.

    Go play Snake - Free Growing Worm Game, yes that name is long and makes no sense.

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    Download the Free Worm Game!
    Download the Free Growing Worm Game!
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    Have Fun...

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