Snake Snack




    This is (still) a Beta version, but we are getting closer to a complete game. Note that the last levels are quiet hard, but it is probably going to change, don't panic ;). Please send us your opinions and suggestions. Enjoy!

    If you are experiencing force closing, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, as well as rebooting your device.
    Please send a crash report if you are still experiencing this issue, so that we can trace the bug.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Lis-s-sten to me s-s-snake!
    Your mission is to catch your preys to survive,
    That's right, it's the classic snake game!
    Only, you won't be eating black dots! Here you will come across tasty snacks!
    Eggs... Hmmm isn't it your favourite dish?
    No matter where they are, YOU have to catch them!
    In this light version, you are to eat as many eggs as your snake can handle.
    Why wait? Go now before they hatch!
    Bon Appétit!

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