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    Published: 2013-08-14, by Peter Warrior.

    A 3D sniping game

    • It's free, no ads
    • UI issues
    • Glitchy graphics, animations and AI

    "General Winter on duty, sir"

    Sniper Forces is a 3D sniping game in which you, from a cheeky profitable position, have to shoot down all enemies in sight. This enemies are professional mercenaries, so they won't approach in a straight line as zombies, but will try to deceive you and look for cover before shooting you back. Everything's set on a snowed mountain scenery. You drag to aim and tap on the buttons to look through the scope, open and fire and reload, respectively.

    That would work and it'd be a good sniper game set in an original scenario if not for the bugged interface, which pops texts up above menu buttons flattening both; the glitchy graphics and the incoherent AI that makes enemies to run in circles when not hiding them behind a place they can't or want leave, thus leaving the stage unresolved and forcing to pause and quit. Animations are as good as graphics, low framed and giving that "skating on ice" feeling.

    3D games require huge amounts of time and resourced in order to be launched onto market. As a garage indie developer, Mapiko has overcome a great rite of passage with this Sniper Forces Winter and that must be appraised, but this game is very far from any sniping game released by any consolidated developer.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 14, 2013


    Sniper Forces Winter

    is uniqe sniper shooter game for your phone... This super HD sniper game takes place in sniper paradise - mountinas. Your job is simple. Take your sniper rifle and end this war with your shooting. But BE CAREFULL! Terorists can shoot back to!

    Don't loose your life in defending what is right and aim good in this war shooting game. You must protect fortess before terorits attack it!!! Sniper rifle is your weapon! Shoot enemy when he has red pointer on him! It will kill him! And dont forget terrorist can shoot at you back! Atack first!


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