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    Published: 2013-08-23, by Peter Warrior.

    A reinterpretation of the classic brickbreaker

    • Storyline
    • Great adaptation of a classic to mobile interface
    • Graphics and music could be far better

    "Break that brick"

    Openly inspired by Arkanoid, we might call Daqazehwas an adaptation of that classic to mobile devices, and despite its indie development, it makes up for several flaws other developers have made so far when porting it to mobile devices. Firstly, the inclusion of a slider at the bottom of the screen to move the racket-ship instead of happily swiping anywhere on the screen and lessening visibility or even worse, tapping on where you need to go and make the ship to "teleport" there. That slider will be appreciated by fans of the classic and, above all, those few who discover now Arkanoidism.

    In addition, there's a story to be told. OK, it's about a starship and a treasure and so, and it won't ever aspire to win an Oscar, but you know we reviewers like these details. Lastly, the automatic save is truly a feature other developers should take careful note.

    Daqazehwas can be played for free. It's ad-supported, but you can get rid of ads if you purchase any additional chapter.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 23, 2013


    Dagazehwas is an intergalactic treasure hunter always on the lookout for hidden artifacts spread throughout the universe. This is a blast that combines pinball and treasure hunting with the classic game play you're already familiar with! It's a great game for all types of gamers from casual to action adventure gamers and everyone in between.

    In each episode Dagazehwas finds himself in strange new environments with various levels of interesting and exciting puzzle like arcade gameplay mixed in with gem collecting and combo sweet spots for fun! In addition to treasure there are numerous power ups and even secret levels to discover. Different kinds of block with unique properties make fun interesting levels. Like the disappearing or moving blocks. How about a block that revives?

    The game allows players to aim the ball deflection with the paddle ship's special convex surface. This creates unique and fun challenges and adds the ability to avoid obstacles and find sweet spots.

    Each episode of the game contains 30 levels of regular game play and 6 secret levels, players can replay old maps to get perfect scores along with the ability to continue playing from where you previously left off. Episodic content allows player's to play the first episode for free while purchasing additional episodes in game. Player's who purchase any additional episode will also have all ads turned off.

    Below is a full feature list of Space Breakout

    - 30 levels per episode along with 6 secret levels.

    - Multiple power ups including super balls and gun ship upgrades.

    - Lots of different blocks each with unique properties.

    - Easy to play with only 1 slider button touch control and force feedback on vibration equipped devices.

    - Automatic game saving and pause for maximum convenience when on the go.

    - Episodic content with each episode containing new story cards, graphics, and treasure to find along with new game play challenges.

    - Buy new episodes in game which stay with you even if you upgrade to a new phone

    - Full ad removal with purchase of one or more additional episodes.

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