Space Rage 3D

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    Space Rage 3D

    by: Paralagames Studios 0 0




    Your civilization is in danger and you are the commander of the most powerful ship on this side of galaxy.

    Enemies want your blood to conquer and destroy your world. They are emerging from Darkness. This is the time to fight, survive and kill them all. Do not be afraid, do not hesitate to pull the trigger!


    Fast, thrilling and explosive speed action. This is what the game is made for: FUN!

    Your ship is capable to travel using enemy space portal. But in normal space beware to not go too far away from the generator. It powers your ship system and engine. Also, your ship can be upgraded, collect items around the debris and nebulas to get new weapons, engines and shields.

    Do not engage the enemy's main ship without your missiles!

    Hint: You can hit mines on distance to destroy enemies


    Paralagames Team