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    * UPDATE *

    I think I've fixed the bug that caused crashes on some devices but if you get a crash please report it and tell me your device model and Android version in the comments.

    Thanks for downloading Space Surfer and check out my new game Head Spin, available now!


    Full game now free!

    Create powerful black holes to guide your spaceship around 50 increasingly fiendish levels, in this addictive space physics game.

    Use the unique control system to test your skill by collecting stars and avoiding crashing into planets. Simple to pick up, tricky to master.

    See if you can beat the high score set by the Stone Baked Games resident Ninja. Contact us if you do!

    ** Congratulations to Bob for being the first to beat the Ninja score, with 530014 **

    Runs smoothly even on low power phones.

    Uses real Hubble Space Telescope images of the Eta Carina nebula, for added authenticity. See how the strong gravity of the black hole distorts the very fabric of space-time with the fancy background distortion graphical effect (for fast phones only, switched off by default for low-res phones).

    Try out the fun Christmas themed skin if you want to have a bit of festive cheer, any time of the year!

    Have fun just zooming around the practice levels for a more relaxing experience, or how about trying the supremely therapeutic multi-spaceship demo level. What crazy patterns can you come up with?

    Should work on everything from small screen, low-res phones up to large screen tablet devices. Please report any bugs so they can be fixed quickly.

    Tested on:
    HTC Wildfire (Eclair & Froyo)
    HTC Desire (Eclair & Froyo)
    Motorola Xoom (Honeycomb)

    Key words: physics, space, gravity, black hole, star, planet, spaceship, rocket, orbit, puzzle, challenge, astronomy images

    Tags: background designs , space surfer , space surfer andprid , star traders test , surfer space , space surfers

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