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    Published: 2012-09-27, by Ana Gracia.

    Get to the star and don't let the boxes fall

    • Original approach
    • Fun
    • Simple but good design
    • At first it's pretty easy

    "Draw the boxes and stack them up!"

    Stackerz is an strategic tower physic game for Android that has amazing graphics and an addictive gameplay.

    The goal is the same as usually: reach the limit -the star- by stacking the boxes one on top of other. The twist is that this time, you are the one to draw the boxes by dragging your finger and releasing it to create it. The boxes should be balanced, otherwise they will fall and they game will end soon.

    The graphics are colorful and simple, very appropriate and clean. We have to admit that is pretty original that you have to draw the boxes and it's also challenging, since you only have a number of limited blocks.

    Gameccino is the developer of Stackerz and Stackerz Touch, a strategic puzzle game for all ages where you're the one who decides which shapes are going to fall. Try it out and advance through the levels.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Sep 27, 2012


    Satisfy your addiction to stack shapes and blocks!
    Stackerz is an addictive game with realistic physics and gravity.
    Draw blocks with your finger, stack the blocks all up in a stable way, reach the star and last for 4 seconds!
    Stackerz is an easy and intuitive block stacking game with several challenging levels.

    Drawn the blocks with your fingers.
    The block will fall, stacking with other blocks.
    Stack and level the shapes to reach the star.
    Pay attention to the balance.
    You have limited number of blocks to draw on each level.
    Don't worry you have unlimited attempts.
    APP2SD support!

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