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    Star Trek is a text-based computer game that puts the player in command of the USS Enterprise on a mission to hunt down and destroy an invading fleet of Klingon warships.

    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET are used for Text-to-Speach and Analytics / Exception reporting.
    VIBRATE used for explosion effects.

    Recent changes to enhanced options:
    - add Control Direction Control from its tail.
    - add Keyboard input for the Direction and Speed / Energy Controls.
    - add Font Size adjustment of the Normal Text and Galactic / Cumulative Maps displayed.
    - add Green Text output option simulating old serial terminals.
    - add Text - to - Speech for some of the tactical actions (testing)
    - fix Android SoundPool Looping Audio bug playing background sounds
    (if users have no background sounds, please try this as a hack fix)

    Classic Text Game:

    Each game starts with a different number of Klingons, friendly Starbases and stars, spread throughout the galaxy that is arranged as an 8 by 8 grid of "quadrants" and each quadrant is further divided into an 8 by 8 grid of "sectors".

    The Enterprise's surroundings are displayed in the default short-range sensors and issuing the library computer long-range sensor scan command. The Enterprise can move around the galaxy using Impulse Drive or Warp Engines using polar coordinates directions.

    The Enterprise is protected by shields and can attack Klingon warships using either Phasers or Photon torpedos. Movement, combat and shields all drain the energy supply of the Enterprise, which can be resupplied again by docking to a Starbase. Issuing tactical commands takes up some game time, closing on the limit imposed at the start of the game.

    The game ends when the Enterprise is destroyed, all Klingons are destroyed, or the time limit runs out. A score in the form of a ranking is presented at the end of the game, based on energy usage, damage taken and inflicted, and any remaining time.

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