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    Feeling colonial? Build your own island empire by launching invasion fleets at your neighbors! The longer you hold an island, the more valuable your troops. Think strategically about where you want to send your sailors and pilots. Enemies abound on the high seas, you guys...

    Time to boost your brain! Measure your strength against the powerful AI in the sea battle!
    Your point is to capture and hold the enemy islands with the help of your powerful fleet.
    8 types of military equipment, 7 upgrades, wide theater of war operations!

    Combine the strategy with the tactics in order to win the game.
    And international Internet users can play with four Battle strategy game. Game one began to wait for 10 seconds. Click Campaign for the crossing pattern, it is recommended that a novice to play first. Click QuickPlay and Computer Battle
    It's pretty easy to admit we're no longer in the age of a manifest destiny mindset. For the battle hungry colonizer in you this has to be depressing information... but don't fret! While it's not land based warfare, Colonial Wars provides you with a great opportunity to flex your naval military muscles. This real-time strategy game starts with you as a red colored island looking to expand your colony. To send your little soldiers off to battle, click and hold on your island, then drag towards the island you want to invade and release, or drag to another island under your control first to send multiple armies to the same destination. Doing so sends over half the number of troops displayed at your island, and you need to send over a larger number than the one displayed on the enemy's forces... which is exactly what they'll also be trying to do. Luckily, the islands regenerate fighters and there are upgrades available that will help you out and hinder your foes.

    Off the bat the game might seem too simple for the seasoned strategy gamer but the difficulty picks up as you plow through the levels. Part of the difficulty comes not only from island positions on the map but also from more than one enemy to contend with. Upgrades provide a helping hand though the price for them becomes quite steep when compared to the rate of obtaining the gold. While the boats and planes will seem rather sluggish the speed boost comes in handy to cast away that frustration. You won't need to be a master tactician to beat the game but you will have to keep your wits about you and that's what makes this game all the better. It's a familiar concept, but it's fun, well presented, and fits perfectly into your day.

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