Super Narwhal Boy




    Play as a boy riding his narwhal in this free original one button action arcade game!

    Join Super Narwhal Boy and his magical pet narwhal in a mystical fishing journey under the sea. Guide your pet onward, but beware the depths of this mobile game will not make for an easy quest. You can spear all different types of fish with your narwhal’s tooth, but to progress you are going to need to get combos. Get combos by spearing many fish of the same type. Go for the longest combos to get the highest score and move towards the front of the screen. As you upgrade your narwhal’s tooth it will grow and be able to spear new, bigger, and meaner fish and remember that combos with bigger fish will always earn a larger score. No matter how hungry or angry your narwhal may be you’ll be better off if you avoid great white sharks and jellyfish at all costs because to them you are nothing but yummy narwhal meat. Hitting fish too big for your tooth will knock you back and end your combo. Get knocked off the screen and it’s game over. So jump on your mystical unicorn of the sea and start your fishing adventure!

    Dangerous Enemies Include:
    A great white and his menacing jaws. This over sized fish is large and in charge.
    Watch out for jellyfish. They may look tasty but have shocking consequences.
    Piranha, Barracuda, Marlin, and even sand sharks can all be speared as your upgrade your tooth.

    This game controls like the classic helicopter game. Simply touch the screen to swim your narwhal up and let go of the screen to swim your narwhal down. Spear fish with you tooth to gain points.
    The largest fish you can successfully spear will be displayed at the start of each level. Go for long combos of big fish for the highest score!

    Super Narwhal Boy is an addicting game brought to you by HomeWorld Arts.
    Powered by Starling Framework, Feathers, and Nape.

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