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    Published: 2013-10-22, by Janel.

    Drive drunk on your hardcore hog and shoot absolutely everything

    • T-Dawg is a legend of our times
    • US government seal admonishing don't-do-drugs
    • Perky chip tune music
    • Retro graphics for that arcade feel
    • Wholly unoriginal
    • Ads a little annoying

    "Remember, kids: drugs are bad, mmkay?"

    Who needs extensive storyline when you've got liquor and guns? Shiny Box, LLC's Super Psycho Cycle is just as badass shoot-em-up of an endless runner as its name implies.

    Play as big boss T-Dawg (even the name merits an awwww yeahhhh), somewhere in the middle of your fifteenth bender. A henchman of yours claws his way through the maze of XXX bottles to inform you that - alas! - they've got your girl! Are you gonna get her back, boss? That would be the logical course of action, yes, but logical reasoning is for little girls who play with Barbies. NO, you howl in full-bodied pixelated glory, WE'RE GOING TO KILL.

    It's these drops of delectable storyline flavor plus the Winners Don't Use Drugs advertisement emblazoned with the seal of the US government (what's in those XXX bottles, anyway? SunKist?) that shows up at the launch of the app that keep it from being yet another blah endless runner. The design is fine enough, the graphics nice and retro, punchy chip-tune blipping away in the background, oversized mega-bosses sufficiently frequent.

    The ads are a bit obtrusive but nothing you can't live with. Leveling up via earning coins in-game will take forever and a day, but what's thousands of trunks and 'copters taken down in the name of T-Dawg's missing lady friend?

    Shiny Box, LLC's Super Psycho Cycle is exactly what you want it to be and nothing more.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 22, 2013


    Bikes, Babes, and BLASTING THINGS TO BITS!

    Super Psycho Cycle puts you on the back of the three most gnarly, hardcore HOGS to ever hit the road! Each of the bikes have different firing modes, which help you face the waves of enemies standing in the way of you saving your girl!

    Three EXTREME boss enemies stand between you and the GLORY OF THE ROAD! Blast your way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies as work your way to the top of the LEADERBOARD.

    Classic RETRO arcade bullet-dodgin' ACTION is yours to play for FREE! Collect coins for as long as you can stay alive and trade them in for more powerful bikes. Keep your score multiplier as high as possible to increase your coin haul.

    Can you steer T-DAWG through deadly bullets long enough to unlock the dreaded Cerberus bike? Only time will what are you waiting for??? GET THIS GAME NOW!!

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