= The long-awaited SUUMO game part2, “SUUMO NINJA” is finally out now! =

    “SUUMO NINJA” is a free sideways scroll type of an action game.
    Suumo, a famous character from the Japanese TV commercial, dresses as a ninja and runs through both cities from the modern times and the Edo period.

    You will be able to see more areas and items as you go farther.

    Find out what area is beyond the Edo period...

    Aim for high scores by jumping over obstacles and traps and by destroying the balloons and the fortresses

    Domomo and Sumomo from the previous “SUUMO JUMP” appears with cute costumes, only seen in “SUUMO NINJA”
    It is a Must see!!!

    === Easy Commands! ===

    The basic commands are the “Jump” button to dodge the obstacles and the “Shot” button to throw “Ninja Shurikens”.

    Press and hold the “Shot” button to throw big shurikens.

    Tilt your Android device to control how fast Suumo runs.

    (*Suumo will stop at the fortress area)
    Break targets avoiding buildings!! You can get bonus point in the case you destroy fortresses.

    Easy commands for all ages!!

    ===how to play===
    ・SUUMO jumps when you tap 'Jump' button
    ・SUUMO throws shuriken(a throwing knife) when you tap 'Shot!' button. It become strong when the button is pushed long time!!
    ・You can control the speed by tilting your Android device. You should tilt it left when SUUMO was threw by DOMOMO, and he was too accelerated by pinwheel, etc.

    === Items and characters that will help Suumo ===

    Use ninja items like kites, pinwheels, and cloaks to enjoy the game!
    These items will give you higher scores too!!

    Roles of items and characters
    【target】… You can get points if you hit throwing knife.
    【DOMOMO】…Throws SUUMO forward.
    【cover】…makes SUUMO invincible for a while.
    【step-ladder】…SUUMO jumps on it.
    【steel ball/ steel ball with prickles】…Don't touch these!!
    【kite】…SUUMO flies by it in fixed time!! You can fall on the ground whenever you want.
    【pinwheel】…SUUMO dash along.
    【twice items】…You can get twice points!!

    === Destroy the Fortresses and get Bonus points! ===

    “SUUMO NINJA” has a Fortress Area where you can get Bonus points by destroying the fortresses.

    === Collect the Jewels ===

    Collect the rare jewels that appears in the game.
    Find out what happens when you collect them.

    === Challenge players around the world! ===

    “SUUMO NINJA” comes with “PANKIA”
    You can challenge players around the world with the social net platform “PANKIA”

    Show the world you have the skills to be number 1!!

    For more informations on Pankia go to
    Recommended device
    Xperia(Android 2.1)・GALAXY (Android 2.2)・IS03(Android2.1/ 2.2)・LYNX3D(Android 2.1)・REGZA(Android 2.1)

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