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    Published: 2012-10-03, by Peter Warrior.

    A muddy and wet hunting game

    • Free, with optional in-app purchases
    • It should be far more pedagogical.
    • Graphic glitches and poor UI

    "Don't cry, li'l 'gator."

    Besides Swamp People game for Android being related to whatever TV series it may be, it's a game based on people hunting alligators for a living, which is something ethically arguable. Nonetheless, besides being related to a TV show, and besides being ethically arguable, Swamp People is a game about living in a swamp and making money by putting your life in danger through contests. The more contests you win, the more money you will earn. In case you haven't figure it out yet, money is needed to purchase better boats, better guns and better traps.

    Gameplay is quite interesting indeed. You roam around the swamp/bayou/marsh/however you want to call it (there are important differences, though, but they are used interchangeably here) looking for new hunts. Bigger preys mean more money. From time to time, there are time contests when you can quickly win a lot of experience and coins.

    Graphics are good, but not as good as we'd like, and there are often glitches here and there, especially when you are at your leisure in your wood cabin and texts are larger than the space assigned to them (tested on a HTC Desire HD). Likewise, you can customize your character, but there are so few options (namely, skin tone and polygonal face) that it's too generous to talk about character customization at all. Touch response in menus is awful and a more in-depth tutorial would be appreciated.

    Long story short, if this game was about teaching how alligator reserves can help local communities, it failed. If it was supposed to be fun to wander throughout a poorly rendered swamp looking for horrific twenty pixels wide for eight pixels high alligators, it failed too. In the end, if this was an amateur game developed by a geek in a garage, we'd say it's a game with a nice idea that needs further development. However, it's a game sponsored by History Channel, and we expected more, much more in all levels. Whatsoever, it's free after all, so if you are really interested or are a fan of the TV show, go ahead.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 03, 2012


    Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America’s oldest swamp – a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. Alligator hunting is one of the most exciting, and dangerous, activities one can engage in; and now’s your chance.

    Tear through the swamps of Louisiana and hunt the biggest and baddest gators around. Simulating the life depicted on the hit History show Swamp People, set-up camp in the deepest reaches of the swamp and prepare yourself to hunt and race through the bayous. Learn the ways of swamp, survive deadly encounters with its residents, and show your friends you’re the best swamper on the leaderboard.

    • Camp ownership – a customizable hub for your swamp adventures
    • Character customization
    • Weapon, Trap and Boat upgrades
    • Gator hunts – compete against AI swampers at 10 different locales
    • Races – race against AI swampers in 8 different courses.
    • Dual analog controls
    • Bait and catch gameplay – lay traps for gators, return once sprung and take them down
    • Game Center – compete against friends on the leaderboards
    • Gator variety – over six different types of gators live in the swamp, ranging in size and aggressiveness
    • Special gameplay modes – just you, the swamp and a swarm of angry gators
    • Missions – overcome certain objectives to earn special bonuses

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