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    A fun and useful game where the point is to type out as many words correct within in the time limit as you can. An easy to use approach that truly tests your texting speed and accuracy as well as improves it with practice. Swift Typing Test supports 39 languages (all listed below) each having over a thousand of their most commonly used words to truly help you improve typing the words that matter most!
    -Supports physical keyboards, touchscreen keyboards, and Swype.
    -High score board to keep track of your ten highest scores.
    -Great for enhancing speed and accuracy when texting.
    -Essay Mode: Over 70 short paragraphs, quotes, and biographies to type through in a timed unique fun way.
    -Time Trials: Full, Custom, & Survival Game.
    Full Game - Gives you 60 seconds to type as many words correct as possible.
    Custom Game - Lets you choose from a 10-299 second game. (An endless game can be enabled through Custom Game).
    Survival Game - Type as many words as possible to keep the timer from hitting 0.
    -Customizable interface to change the way the list of words are displayed.
    -39 different language categories in Time Trial Mode
    -Supports auto correction (which can be toggled on or off).
    -Supports all keyboards that start the beginning of words in upper case.

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