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    Published: 2013-01-22, by Peter Warrior.

    An action side scroller

    • It's free.
    • Odd translations
    • Poor gameplay

    "Unleash thy power through the sword "

    Sword of Inferno is a side-scroller fighting game in which a blond young hero wields a sword whose resemblance with Soul Calibur Nightmare's is purely coincidental. Up to three more characters will help him in his quest to save the world.

    On-screen controls and moves seem rushed, and we'd like there were far more artwork, as it's the only incentive for a game that would have been a bestseller thirty years ago, but brings little if anything to the genre nowadays. Sprites are tiny and action is hazy and messy. Your only possible tactic is to rush against your enemies and let the autocombo do its job till you are knocked down. This will eventually force you to buy potions. Between stages there are dialogues ranging from plain awkward automated translations to incomprehensible lines.

    In short, we won't talk you out of downloading this game. If you find it disappointing, you know the route to uninstall it.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jan 22, 2013


    Don’t just play a legend. Create your own.

    With companion by your side and blade in your hand, control your hero and embark on an epic journey across magical continents of labyrinths, mystical forests and the fiery depths of Hell. Select one of three loyal allies with unique abilities to aid your quest, and combine skills and strategy to dominate the enemy with distinctive experiences and outcomes.
    Enter dungeons in underground cities and wage war against ferocious monsters. Fight dragons. Tame dragons. Ride them.
    Prove your might against these creatures, then control them as your own. Swoop onto the battlefield on the back of a fire-breathing beast. Harness the power of the elements as you call flame, wind, lightning and ice on your enemies. Slash them with your tail as a sword, and make them feel the power of your claws.
    Defeat enemies in the swipe of a single finger using intuitive controls for high-scoring combos, and craft your own weapons and divine armour with rare and beautiful equipment scattered throughout the gameworld.
    Are you prepared to become the hero you were destined to be? Write the script to your own legend. The Sword of Inferno is born.
    • Master your craft: Collect ancient instructions from defeated foes to construct weapons and magical equipment.
    • Get straight into the action: perform complex combos with the Auto-Attack feature specifically designed for touch-screens.
    • Ride and command mighty dragons to bring new terror to your enemies.
    • Choose from four unique characters with physical and magical skills. Prepare your strategy before battle and equip your team for victory.
    • Dozens of spells with multiple combinations.
    • Watch your screen come alive with awesome graphical effects.
    • Use your talents wisely: Level up and assign your talent points the way you see fit. Create the warrior the YOU want.

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