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    New Free Coin Game that sparkles like no other! You're a brave young explorer named Tiffany Champagne. You're about to make a coin run on the oldest Aztec Temple known to mankind. In fact, it's a haunted graveyard. Your backpacking trip just got a lot more exciting. This dozer game is easy. Tap the mask and get coins to fall down. The pusher stone will then push coins off the table and you get points or trigger prizes. Collect them all!

    - Multi-Level Game!
    - Real 3D Graphics!
    - Works on ALL devices (Samsung Galaxy, SIII, Tab, Motorola Razr and more)
    - Collect Prizes!
    - Open Table design (means you get points even when coins fall off the side)
    - Try not to become addicted!

    Collect the crystal ghoul SKULLS which once belonged to the Aztec Pirate leaders.
    Collect the DIAMONDS that were used in a crown to worship their gods.
    Collect the GEMS that the Aztec pirates used in their cauldron magic spells.
    Collect the KEYS that could unlock secret treasures of the Aztec Temple Monster.
    Collect the MASKS that were used by the warriors in battle and evil Halloween type celebrations.

    Additionally, as you collect coins from the table various JUMBO coins will fall down. These are different colors like blue or red or silver. They're not your regular gold coins.

    Watch the statue in the lower right area of your screen. When he starts to shake and lights up red that means you've earned the SHAKE power up. Press the statue and watch the entire table shake back and forth. You'll be able to get a lot of points all at once.

    Another tip. Don't drop coins too fast. Take your time. When your coins get below 40 you'll notice the coin regeneration process kick in. Every 20 seconds you'll get a free coin while you play. So if you play smart, you'll never run out of coins. You may surprise yourself and find this to be one of the more addicting games on Google Play today.

    This game has been downloaded by thousands around the world. What are you waiting for? You work so hard. Take a break from all those not so lucky macau style casino games and have a blast collecting coins and prizes in the jungle.

    The Temple Dozer is the first machine ever invented by the Aztec Kingdom. Learn about it's magical powers of this device and watch yourself become rich in the process.

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