The Jungle Run free




    Roar like a lion, soar like a bird and run like a cheetah - in Jungle Mayhem!

    Welcome to the jungle - a swarming outback untouched by humans for hundreds of years! The animals are ready to pounce, so you better be ready to run for your life! Jungle Mayhem is a game of life and death as you escape the crazy jungle and find the ancient relics of past civilizations!

    You can run, but you can’t hide! In Jungle Mayhem, you must run as fast as you can, collecting precious coins as you ride upon the back of a fierce cheetah! Jump over withering traps, and duck under shivered branches - it’s fight or flight... and there is only one way out!

    Jungle Mayhem is intense, addictive and taxing - can you make it through the jungle with a fortune to your name? This overcrowded jungle was not found again for hundreds of years as we vowed to never return... until one greedy explorer decided to collect the precious coins that we left behind... will you help him escape this nightmare?

    Jam-packed with vibrant 3D graphics and eye-catching relics, Jungle Mayhem will leave your palms sweaty as you make your way through the dense jungle on a forbidden adventure! Just swipe up, down, left and right to control the cheetah and make your way past death defying traps, fallen branches and unpleasant skulls!

    Escape the jungle and collect the mysteries of a forbidden kingdom - in Jungle Mayhem!

    - Escape the jungle whilst avoiding dangerous obstacles!
    - Buy upgrades and work your way to victory!
    - View your stats and compare them against your friends’ stats!
    - Endless, addictive fun that will leave your palms sweaty from the heat!

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