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    Published: 2013-11-25, by .

    A tilt-controlled casual game that will put your reflexes to the test

    • Three different game modes
    • Original gameplay
    • Glowing minimalist graphics
    • Online leaderboards provided by ScoreLoop
    • Needs a tutorial for each game mode

    "That's the ugly truth"

    Accelerometer, G-Sensor, in other words, tilt controls, have increased the playability of hundreds of games and have also made possible some coming up. This game is a proof of that. A simple game that becomes way more challenging thanks to tilt-controls.

    Let's see how it works. You have to guide a fish through a glowing fish tank where other (also glowing) fishes and colored bubbles are randomly diving. You have to avoid fishes and break the bubbles when a shoal is nearby in order to poison or freeze them. Then, you'll be able to destroy them by passing over.

    There are three different game modes. In "Classic mode" you need to avoid all the enemies (except red ones that are your allies), break the bubbles to make the wave change enemy's action and then collect frozen and poisoned fishes. In "Shark mode" bubbles wave will destroy all enemies, but you have no allies in this mode. Finally, in "Zen mode" the goal is to destroy all enemies but you can only achieve it by breaking green bubbles: red purple bubbles just give you extra time.

    Graphics are simple, minimalist, but by some manner it empowers it with personality. The game is graphically well-crafted. Anyway, what really matters here is tilt-control response (which is good) and playability. No concerns to raise in this regard. Challenging and entertaining. Recommended.

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    Nov 25, 2013

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