Tilt Toby




    Do you have a keen eye for avoiding rapid-fire collisions with hostile aliens? Are you quick with your wrist?

    Toby is a dimension traveler who got lost in an unknown dimension. And he’ll have you moving constantly as you tilt your screen in all directions.

    How else are you going to survive as long as you can? Use your reflexes to keep your space saucer away from bombs, spacecraft, jets and alien capsules!

    You can play as actively or as passively as you want:

    • If you’re a daredevil, dodge the space saucer to boost your score.
    • If you’re a scaredy-cat, just avoid your enemies from a distance.

    But you can’t run from everything. Power-ups and coins within this unknown dimension increase your chances of survival, improve your score and ensure you’ll get to the next mission. Acquire them during game play by safely intercepting as many as you can.

    Coins help you buy power-ups in the store for your next mission. And power-ups give you special advantages. They include …

    • Slowing time for 5 seconds (now it’s easier to avoid enemies)
    • Activating a shield for 5 seconds (now you can smash the aliens you used to run from), and
    • Gifting you extra lives too!

    See how high you can climb by completing each challenging and tilt-crazy mission. Each finished mission earns you extra resources, medals and trophies!

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