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    Tiny Legends: Heroes's review

    Published: 2013-05-09, by Peter Warrior.

    An adventure game with a unique design

    • Smooth and catchy gameplay
    • Rich array of items and loot
    • Minor UI performance issues
    • Minecraft-like design may not be of your liking
    • Newbies will need a longer tutorial

    "Cubeheads assemble!"

    OK, have for sure you know the basics: the evilest evil-doer evil-wide does his best to choke and suffocate the once green and light-hearted land of [insert random name here]. However, a little group of brave adventurers is ready to stop him and restore rainbows, thrift shops and everything good to the world. We're sure that Triniti interactive's guys can explain the plot with more ease than us, but the result comes to be so-so the same. Smile.

    in the end, faithful to their "tiny", Minecraft-like style, here's Tiny Legends, what we could called an action game with many RPG elements but it is not a sidescroller, but a little bit more strategic game instead. This game greatly focus on party management, done in the camp that serves as game main menu. Battles, on the other hand, are quite fated by your gear, but are thrilling nonetheless.

    Summarizing, a great adventure game that can be played for free, though perhaps a lost chance to use that same engine for a game with a more serious approach.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 09, 2013


    the DARK LORD has RISEN, and only YOU can PUT HIM DOWN in the sequel to the worldwide smash-hit CRAZY KNIGHT!

    A sinister shadow stretches over the land of Kromdor. The dark lord Necralis has imprisoned the continent’s greatest champions and unleashed hordes of murderous monsters on a reign of terror. But into the darkness step brave new adventurers! Do you have the courage to lead them into a new age of heroes?

    Real-time 3D battles
    Epic loot
    Heart-stopping boss fights

    Awesome graphics
    Devastating skills
    6 different classes
    70 floors of nonstop action
    Strategic team combat

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