Tom Spacington Rogue

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    Enemy ships will now dynamically group together if they're close enough and share a common goal. While grouped and in combat they they will generally try to surround the player, be careful.

    Tom Spacington has a delivery to make, and he will get there, hopefully.

    Tom Spacington Rogue is, as the name hints at, a Rogue-like game set in the Tom Spacington universe and created using the amazing AndEngine.

    The gameplay is similar to The Adventures of Tom Spacington, but, being a Rogue-like, the focus is more on combat and travelling through randomly generated zones.

    Planetary and ship menu's have been reworked and should function much better now

    There are just over 100 items in the game, the first 4 tiers of equipment, covering zones 1-40

    I plan on weekly/bi-weekly updates until I think the game is "complete" which means at least 6 player ships, each with 3 variants, 10 different bosses, 20 or so different enemy ships, more item types including special enemy only versions to find (some may do strange things), more zone types, random quest system, hidden items, more advanced AI, and perhaps an end goal.

    Try it out and see if it's fun, if you happen to find any bugs or something you think should be fixed, don't hesitate to email me.

    This paid version does not have ads like the free version, also the player's starting cash is increased, I also have plans for some special ships being only available to the this version

    **Key Features**
    - 3 different player ships, each with 2 extra variants - more on the way
    - 3 weapon types - laser, missile, ballistic
    - 3 engine types - possibly more types coming
    - 4 armor types - possibly more types coming
    - 4 shield types - possibly more types coming
    Randomized zones
    - 3 different zone types - more on the way
    Randomized items in shops
    - over 100 different items - more on the way
    Randomized enemies with random equipment
    - 10 enemy types - more on the way
    Boss enemies every 10 zones
    - 3 boss enemies - more on the way
    Randomized quests
    - 2 quests on habitable planets - more on the way

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