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    Published: 2012-10-04, by Peter Warrior.

    TW Battles is a military strategy board game

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    "Banzaaai!!! "

    So here we are. $5 and 273Mb of additional download later, let's review one of the most expected games landing on Android. The first thing that you must keep on mind, especially you Total War gamers, is that SEGA has not ported any Total War game over to Android, but the essence of the franchise itself. Translated to more understandable words it would mean that, as real time strategy games so far are quite unplayable on touchscreens, they have chosen to unearth that old concept of hexed grid wargame and cap it all under the Total War brand.

    This TW Battles is based on "Shogun" settings and it seems the first title in an upcoming franchise in which we hope we will also be able to play in Greek and Rome, Medieval and Empire settings. Excuse me, but Ancient Japan hasn't ever be my favorite place to show my strategist skills. Graphics and cinematics have also been adapted to a younger audience and have what we would call 'Facebook' or G+ game style, so expect not geishas beheading noble daimyos or whatsoever.

    Game can be played hotseat, this is, two players on the same device; or through a beautiful solo campaign about betrayal, vengeance and several other cliches. It should be remarked that, even though it's a strategy game, gameplay is quite fast, something between checkers and stone-paper-scissor on steroids. Don't forget to long tap any icon to learn more about it, as they are explained in a pros and cons system that somehow reminds an AndroidZoom review.

    Units can't move backwards and you must manage your wood, iron and honor resources wisely. In the end, gameplay is easily explained in the tutorial levels. Just have for sure you will like it, though senior gamers can find it too simple, even when there's an experience system to upgrade stuff and so. On the other hand, there are some voluntary in-app purchases to boost your progress if you don't want to clear all stages, something that should be abolished in paid apps.

    If music in the original PC series was great, here it has been taken into account too. Game comes in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, so in this regard we must praise Sega's localization effort.

    In summary, a great game for any strategy lover out there. Battles last for five-ten minutes and there are a lot of combinations to fulfill every stage, so this game can be enjoyed for a long while before getting boring.

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