Treasure Run 3D




    The best runner game, better than any runner you ever played.
    From all the heroes in the world you play a mega greedy bandit that runs as fast as he can through a pirate's paradise, a treasure cave. He is hoping to get rich by collecting hidden objects, stars, tiny jewels, money and other treasures.
    Little does he know that the cave runs for miles and miles till infinity and his soul will perrish in the run.
    There are weird and spooky things in this cave like monsters, lost kingdoms of doom, vulcanoes and even strange cave birds.
    From time to time you have to find a way to survive crucial obstacles without getting angry at the game.
    Sometimes it is very hard to get 3 stars on all levels but if you want big numbers on your scoreboard you should catapult yourself over the obstacles and over the water and ice.
    You are the king of the cave and your story is not from comics or modern movies; your story is a story of misteries, temples and mystery paradise caves. Let yourself get lost in space in the subway -like cave so you can say "This cave is mine!"
    Our partners in Texas have made really sweet HD graphics for your retina display and if you like the dream graphics we would really appreciate it if you could come back online and give us a nice rating! Our partners in texas would love it too.

    Thank you and have fun!

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