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    Published: 2013-01-23, by .

    Turkey Blast: Reloaded is a duck-shooting style game with turkeys as a target

    • Entertaining
    • Lots of unlockable weapons and locations
    • Great timewaster
    • Screentouch response
    • Restricted aiming

    "Turkey's meat provider"

    For Thanksgiving every family needs their turkey. If you think you can become their provider, you will have to assume hunting such amount of turkeys is a quite touch task. Will you accept the challenge? Then, give this game a go!

    Turkey Blast looks like a classic shooter. However, it uses tilt controls to aim the turkeys. Actually you can only move to the right, what depends on you is the aiming-speed. The faster you move, the more turkeys you will find on your way. However, it will be more difficult to hit the turkeys if you move too fast. Try to find the balance. Tap to fire when you have turkeys on target.

    As you progress through levels different type of turkeys will be unlock (there are up to 12), and they'll also become more difficult to kill since they will wear protection items. Likewise, there up to 14 weapons to unlock, 12 locations and 5 different power-ups that you will get by shooting at surprise boxes. In addition, there are prizes (or achievements) that you will unlock depending on your performance. There are more than 60, try to get them all. Use the icons you win for beating turkeys in each level to unlock some of these extra items.

    Even though the game is entertaining, it isn't as playable as it seems: in my opinion, its main catch lies on controls. It would be better if aiming was free (not just in one direction) and turkeys would come from any part of the screen. Likewise, screentouch response isnt' as accurate as expected. I noticed delays on firing when moving fast.

    Turkey Blast: Reloaded has been developed by, the developer of other sucessful games on the Apple Store, like Diversion or Crazy Snowboard.

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    Jan 23, 2013


    ** HUGE UPDATE!!! ** The Turkeys Are Back!!! The Samsung Galaxy crash is fixed (sorry about that), ads are removed from the game screen and the multiplier has gotten a huge boost so you'll earn coins faster than ever!!

    Thanksgiving Idea #1: Getting bored making polite conversation with relatives? How about firing up a pass-and-play Turkey Blast: Reloaded tournament!?! The person with the highest score doesn't have to eat granny's special candied turkey gizzards!

    Thanksgiving Idea #2: Can't hear the football cause your little nephews are making too much noise? Send 'em outside with Turkey Blast: Reloaded and tell them they can't come back in until they've earned you the skeleton turkey!

    Turkey Blast: Reloaded is action-packed customizable arcade shooting fun for everyone!

    - Tablet and phone support
    - 12 different turkeys
    - 14 unlockable weapons
    - 12 unique locations
    - 5 different powerups
    - 6 prize categories and more than 60 unlockable prizes
    - Change weapons, targets, music, backgrounds and more using prizes you unlock
    - Unlimited levels and bonus rounds
    - Intuitive controls - tilt to aim, touch to fire

    Every game session awards you coins that can be used to unlock a heap of in-game prizes including: weapons, turkeys, background music, scenes and obstacles.

    How do you like your turkey? Rare? Shish-kebab? Roasted? How about BBQ? With Turkey Blast: Reloaded the choice is yours! Each of the 14 unlockable weapons delivers a unique (and bizarre!) way of dishing out punishment to those turkeys!

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