Turkey Shoot Pro

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    This is a simple retro shoot'em game similar in style to space invaders or galaxian, but this time its turkeys you're a shooting.

    The aim of the game is simple - Shoot as many turkeys as you can before you run out of time or bullets.

    First of all you'll shoot everything, which is very rewarding and great fun. After a while you'll start to target the Rambo turkeys to get more ammo and the Timer turkeys to get more time. If you want to make it to the high score tables you'll also need to go after the Cool turkeys to get the bigger points.

    Once you're a Turkey shooting expert you'll shoot lower turkeys to clear a path to higher ones, and bounce off the edges to avoid attacking turkeys. We reckon anything over 1000 is a good score, but are sure some gamers out there will trample past that.

    There are lots of different themes and backgrounds, so download Turkey Trot now and get that bird on the table.

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