Unlocking Right And Down




    Sliding right or down by your fingers to unlock cell phone screen though this app. Some program shortcuts can be opened directly from the locked screen.

    Various kinds of unlocking ways
    Different locked screen mode
    Slide down to unlock
    Slide to right to unlock given programs
    Current battery, date and time display

    How to unlock screen though this app?
    In the locked interface, there is a tab shows the battery, date and time. Press it down to unlock screen.
    There are also some programs can be opened from the locked interface, slide the color bar to the right side to unlock screen and open the program. You can tell what the program is from the image in the right side. Programs here include dialing interface, SMS, music and Browser and so on.

    Other functions
    This app provides the full screen size and status bar expand size for the locked screen. And of course you can check the detail of the notification bar when you use the second one. But the first one looks better.
    Sound and vibration effects are also supported here, click Tone and Vibrate to open them.
    Fast unlock is for the emergency situation, you can long press the menu button to unlock screen then.

    At last, please don¡¯t forget to turn on this pp before you want to use it~ Have fun with your new app!

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    Lock screen is a user interface element used by many operating systems. They regulate immediate access to cell phone by requiring that the user perform a certain action in order to receive access, such as performing a certain gesture using a device¡¯s touchscreen.

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