Urban Combat

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    Sustained urban combat operations have drawn your squad into a prolonged fight for control of the city. The enemy is well entrenched, hitting back with surprise raids in highly populated areas putting non combatants at risk. U have been entrusted with the duty of retaking the city with minimum collateral damage.

    Subway Strike (Level 1) : Information has reached you that a terror squad is regrouping at the subway for a possible nerve gas attack. Launch a pre-emptive strike before the enemy carry out their plans.

    Oil Depot Raid (Level 2) : The oil depot located at the outskirts, supplies the entire fuel requirements of the city and is subject to frequent terrorist raids. Shoot at sight orders have been issued to protect the facility from any infiltrators.

    Shopping Mall Mayhem (Level 3) : A suicide squad has broken past security and entered the Gold Plaza shopping mall and is wreaking havoc on weekend shoppers. Eliminate them before civilian casualties mount.

    Embassy Assault (Level 4) : Disguised as maintenance crew, the enemy has penetrated your countries embassy and is holding the ambassador as hostage in exchange for their demands. Kill the terrorists and rescue the ambassador.

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