Vietnam Battle




    Clenched your weapons, we have to be bogged down in the battlefield. Few years after the war, when in the world already forgotten World War painful years of silence, the Red Army again launched an attack, this time they gathered in secret on the island, a sober reminder to those who have not too bitter fruit of people trying to use the Navy. The legendary hero Sang Qier mandated to perform a single breakthrough plan. The windswept, salty taste of seawater brought up memories of Sang Qier years ago. Trip never return, years ago, that haze will not do it again pestering Sangqi Er, the more in-depth enemy positions, as if back in time as the emergence of the immediate scene. War??? Within reach! !

    (1) the arrow keys or the number keys 2/4/6/8: left / skip / right / squat.
    (2) the right of launch keys or numeric keys 5: attack.
    (3) the number keys 1/3/7/9: left / top right / bottom left / bottom right shot
    (4) the number 0: throw grenades

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